Naked and hard at the poolside
Naked and hard at the poolside

Naked and hard at the poolside

Gay video. Time: 22 min

Walking up on a hot and horny Chris Matthews, David catches him having a float around his pool playing with his semi-hard dick. Calling him over and having a chat, David persuades him to get even harder with a friend of his, to which he instantly agrees, who wouldn’t when it’s silver fox Max Dunhill sneaking in butt naked and pulling Chris over. As soon as they start chatting, we can see Christian’s dick twitch harder, it’s going to be one hell of a scene in the great outdoors under the Miami sun! Moving over to the poolside, these hairy chested men can’t get enough cock down their throats, Max’s huge shaft feeding Chris perfectly as he himself chows down on Chris. Slipping inside Chris, Max shows him just how big his dick is, and the way he yells out how big it feels, we’re in no doubt he loves every fucking second of it.

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