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Dude, you're driving my ass crazy !

Faced with this very tall, virile, hairy guy, this inexperienced bearded man feels very small and submissive. The guy will take care of his ass like a God and make him cum like crazy. First the guys suck each other's dicks in a reciprocal fashion. Then the giant grabs the white ass, licks it passionately, dilating it automatically. Once he's in there, there's no talking about it: it's ecstasy.

A good fat ass in the kitchen

Horse hung hunks getting frisky in the kitchen. Awesome threesome sees super hunk Trojan Rock with his mates Ross and Axel. All these guys have a real hard look about them and with their hairy bodies and thick dicks, they are hotter than the oven they are using!! Deep ass eating and hardcore fucking, each guy gets his fill of pulsating dick and twitching asshole,

Gay Beach Orgy!!

The dunes of Gran Canaria are full of sex and it’s not long before we’re treated to a horse hung Fernando sucking himself off and shooting down his own throat!! The well built Spaniard takes as much of his shaft and balls, pleasing himself while the shaven headed Buck looks on. After dribbling huge amounts of spunk down his shaft, Buck is called over and just as they get it on, super stud Johan and Kai come along and jump at the chance for an awesome foursome!! Fernando’s prized cock is shard between the three, and all take it in turns to play with each others hot cock. When Kai and Buck bend over and let their butts get stretched, Johan and Fernando can’t wait to slide their famed dicks all the way inside them!! Kai shows just how cock hungry he is as he then take Fernando’s enormous cock while switching from Buck to Johan as he gets spit roasted!!

Sex on the beach with Fred Faurtin

Stunningly sexy Fred finally meets a man who turns him on, and there’s nothing anyone can do to stop these two cropped beauties from hooking up there and then on the beach!! Fred’s nicely defined, hairy chest and abs give way to an unbelievably handsome dick!! Slapping and lubing up his partners ass with his spit, Fred pushes his stubble face between the peachy cheeks as he preps it for a hard fucking over the rocks!!

Construction worker, 7 minutes to cum

Wanna spend 7 minutes with a sexy, shaven-headed construction worker jerking off his big, juicy male cock? Then check out this solo with Soda Costes. Manly, handsome chest with big pecs, heavy cock, full balls: he offers it all to the camera.

I want you to film me naked

David Bathory and his boyfriend have taken in a porn director. In the middle of the night, the long-haired, muscular David feels the need to show off. He discreetly gets out of bed and offers the director to film him masturbating. He's delighted to realize this old fantasy, and his delicious body is sure to delight many!

Bar Foursome

Ready for some hardcore action, Kurt arrives at the bar and is immediately horned up to the eyeballs. Playing pool with tall and dark Lee, whike young looking Chase and rugged Marc look on, whispering what they’d like to do with Kurt. As Lee and Kurt slowly get naked right by the pool table, Lee’s huge dick matches that of Kurt’s, and with Chase and Marc joining the fun, the whole room explodes in sexual energy. The two pairs join for an awesome foursome, Lee bouncing on top of Kurt, getting his ass full of meat, then giving young Chase a turn on the pool-table with our hung star. Kurt turns into a cum bucket as he’s then saturated in load after load of the hot white stuff.

Tyson Ford: thick, generous black gay jock

Tyson Ford is a gorgeous black gay jock and he knows it. Gays like him and he's showing off with his big dick molded in a white jockstrap. He's gonna jerk off. And he's going to do it right. He undresses sensuously, slowly, letting us admire every inch of his body, from his magnificently muscled torso to his imposing feet. His cock proves to be very thick and hard, and he masturbates it in a very hot way until relieving the loads.

Very handsome manly athletic dude to pound

Trojan received a call at "ToolBox" HQ. A personal trainer urgently needed some brushing up on his technique! Trojan knew exactly who to send to ensure the customer was truly satisfied! Spanner (Gio Cruz) was just the man for the job! He ensures that Gio knows the company commandments, and sends him off to do what he is best known for - Fucking like a drill! When Alec arrives at the ToolBox HQ gym, Gio finds out that Alec has not brought any gym clothes. "Not to worry", Gio exclaims, with a glint in his eye "You'll have to strip to work out. Jocks and socks are OK by me!" And of course it is, as Gio can't believe his luck when he sees the lean hairy body of Alec and his cock is quick to react. Alec plays the situation well and lets Gio make the first move. But as things get hotter, and the work out "harder" Alec, just as to be expected by a power bottom, quickly takes the lead as he needs a work out to remember. The guys kiss each other for a while and then Alec goes down and swallows Gio's huge throbbing man meat. Alec loves it, and eats Gio's huge hard cock with a hunger! Gio lets Alec work his meat until his hunger is so strong that he flips Alec and starts eating Alec's hairy ass. Having worked his tongue in Alec's sweet hole for quite a while, Gio needs more, and he takes Alec from the back and turns him on his back before fucking him hard and deep. Wanting all of Gio's enormous cock, Alec groans wildly, before shooting his sweet white load of man milk over his belly and chest. Gio pulls out, and returns the favour, by delivering a massive amount of cum over Alec's hairy cock and balls. Gio, remembering Trojan's company motto of fully satisfying the customer; bends over, kisses Alec and tells him: "You should come work for us, you're very good". Maybe he just might.

Interracial Policemen fucking

Marcus and Dean investigate a break-in, and they’re soon investigating what’s under their hot uniforms. Black man Dean is taken control over by hairy hunk Marcus, getting his solid cock sucked on and body licked by his colleague. Grinding down on his big cock, you can see Marcus enjoy every second, with his hole wrapping itself around the thick shaft, feeling every inch go deeper and deeper inside. Until both policemen shoot their thick loads over chest and face!!

Dominated by 2 guys at gay sex shop

Sex Shop Threesome!! Watching a hairy chested customer get his leathers on, the two buff hunks behind the counter soon get horny and decide to unleash their huge cock onto and into him!! Working their cocks, he sucks for all his worth, trying to get as much of one of the thickest cocks you’ve seen into his mouth. Getting rammed by both loosens this guy right up before he’s spunked on and spunks all over a huge smooth chest: you could just eat it up and get going yourself!!

Huge and hairy hunks get horny!

Big, hairy muscle stud Bruno Knight is running late for his performance at HustaBall, and he only gets later when sexy French fucker Thierry Lamasse decides to pop over and get him in the mood! Bruno has the most deliciously hairy chest with muscles in all the right places too, and watching him rub his hands across himself and play with his nipples is truly horny sight! It gets hornier though as Thierry unzips his jock strap and swallows Bruno’s entire cock, savouring every inch, pushing apart his muscular thighs and ramming his own meaty length deep into the bear’s firm, pert ass. Thierry is a relentless fucker and he has Bruno blasting buckets of spunk across his furry body, before topping it off with several wads of his own!!