Sorry boss, I have to fuck
Sorry boss, I have to fuck

Sorry boss, I have to fuck

Gay video. Time: 21 min

Ignoring a call from the boss, tanned and super dicked Daniel Dias, alongside tattooed super bottom Marco Sessions won’t be distracted from their tryst for anyone, even Trojan Rock! Diving back into each other’s mouths, the hard face-fucking continues unabated, Daniel’s thick shaft soon getting it’s way and slowly plunging into Marco’s most delicious ass – but not before one of the hottest 69/rim positions we’ve had, Marco’s ass is just too tasty to pass that up! The sight of their muscle rippling from beneath their tanned, inked skin is heaven, so as Daniel really goes to town on Marco, then all bets are off and you’ll be hard pushed to make it to the end of the scene without shooting your load, it seems even Daniel has to slow down his thrusts to stop the party being over too quick, just imagine his quivering dick in your ass on the brink of explosion! Just watch out for Marco getting a mouthful and then spraying the camera in a crazy amount of jizz, brilliant!

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