It’s Sam’s first day on the job and he meets suited Bruno Fox at the bar as he goes through the night’s rota. Getting this young rookie dressed in the right gear, the shirt is black, the tie is black and Bruno’s about to show him exactly how to impress the senior doorman! Pushing the younger Sam back onto the bar, the two bearded fuckers rub their stubbled faces together as they kiss hard and wet, pulling on each other’s crotches until both are fully hard, as hard as the muscles beneath their shirts. Bruno doesn’t waste any time in climbing on the bar and pulling his thick shaft out in front of Sam’s face, who devours the slab of meat instantly! Stripping off their uniforms quicker than they put them on, Sam’s furry ass is in Bruno’s face and his tongue is probing deep; it needs to for his dick is about to plunge even deeper and wider! Sam’s a hot hairy bottom who loves taking dick from his superior, first impressions are everything, and Sam’s given the best he can! The sweat dampens these hairy chests and abs, mixing with streams of spunk and leaving Sam with his first job of the night, to clean himself, and the bar!


Fixed and Fucked
Milking pleasures
Power-bottom in action
A ride home by Kayden Gray
Beast of a hunk
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Threatened by a hung bad-boy
A thirty-something dude is in trouble. When he gets home he finds a Latino gangster holding a gun and threatening to shoot his dog. He's gonna have to obey him but luckily the gangster is a closet case who's been dying to fuck a dude's ass! He asks his victim to strip naked and to show him his hole. With an ass like that, the Latino bad-boy knows exactly what punishment to inflict! Deep, had and a painful one!
Surrender your ass boy!
A young Latino bumps into Argentinian playboy Daniel Marvin. When he asks him to fuck with him the boy is overexcited! Daniel sticks his tongue in his mouth, runs his hands all over his body, slowly taking control of his body. Then he slowly sucks him off, making his dick rock-hard. From there on the young inexperienced dude surrenders to the hung stallion and it's only a matter of minutes before he shoves his fat dick up his tight little hole. An amazing video not to be missed!