Law Enforcement
Sam's settled into his new role quickly and feels like he is top dog. On duty alone one night he catches a couple of clubbers fucking in the toilets. Still horny from his induction with his boss, he takes the opportunity of the now empty club to watch and get off on the unknowing pair! Sitting just out of view of the clubbers but in full view of them fucking Sam works his cock hard through his uniform before stripping down and wanking himself off! With the moans and groans from the unknowing pair turning Sam on it's not long before he is shooting a heavy load all over the club floor!
Law Enforcement


The Locker Room
Horny Hunks
Fixed and Fucked
The Locker Room
Super Muscled Hunk Take Thick Dick
Fixed and Fucked




It’s Sam’s first day on the job and he meets suited Bruno Fox at the bar as he goes through the night’s rota. Getting this young rookie dressed in the right gear, the shirt is black, the tie is black and Bruno’s about to show him exactly how to impress the senior doorman! Pushing the younger Sam back onto the bar, the two bearded fuckers rub their stubbled faces together as they kiss hard and wet, pulling on each other’s crotches until both are fully hard, as hard as the muscles beneath their shirts. Bruno doesn’t waste any time in climbing on the bar and pulling his thick shaft out in front of Sam’s face, who devours the slab of meat instantly! Stripping off their uniforms quicker than they put them on, Sam’s furry ass is in Bruno’s face and his tongue is probing deep; it needs to for his dick is about to plunge even deeper and wider! Sam’s a hot hairy bottom who loves taking dick from his superior, first impressions are everything, and Sam’s given the best he can! The sweat dampens these hairy chests and abs, mixing with streams of spunk and leaving Sam with his first job of the night, to clean himself, and the bar!
Big black ass to fuck in the office
A sexy Latino office worker finds it hard to concentrate on work. He wants to fuck. The two cleaners in the room next to him are gonna make things worse: A huge black dude and a well built white American are taking a break from work. They start kissing while their hand reach between their legs, slowly rubbing their bulging underwear. Against all expectation the huge black dude falls first on his knees to kiss, lick and suck his coworker's cock. He wants it up his hard bubble-butt! Check this out!